Best Business Practices for Implementation of a Global Transparency Solution
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Best Practices When Implementing a Global Transparency Program

Each region across the globe has its own regional or local legal requirements regarding transparency reporting for healthcare professionals (HCPs). For example, the U.S. …

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CRM for CGT should be PRM

In a recent blog post [1], we addressed the peculiarities of a CRM system dedicated to CGT. We summarized the needed changes in 5 dimensions from the data sources of the various stakeholders to the involvement of the physicians in the end to end…

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Crucial CRM needs in the context of Cell and Gene Therapies

As more and more companies have embraced cell and gene therapies (CGT) to cure disease, it becomes evident that a standard commercial excellence approach is not fitting the needs of those new business models. The traditional CRM represents this…

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Some trends in life science CRM for the remainder of 2021

The last months have created multiple shocks in the way life sciences companies have engaged with HCPs in their respective areas. Companies have, of course, rushed on enabling remote detailing, but this was just one short-term response. At BASE…

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Content, channel & consent — the 3 C’s of a successful commercial launch in a pandemic and beyond

The COVID pandemic has been proven to slow down the pace of research in the life science industry. While some innovations have emerged, non-COVID-related research suffered from a redirection of resources[1]. This…

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Retain your competitive edge by following these 3 simple steps to optimize your consent strategy

In 2020 life science’s commercial operations have undergone rapid change. While all sales reps were stuck at home due to the various lockdown measures, the marketing teams and the commercial strategists have tried to reach…


Expanding the usage of your document management system

The medical and legal review process is unique to the life science industry. While operating in Europe, it is often a requirement that promotional material is reviewed and formally approved before publication. In some countries, the material must even be submitted to…

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